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10 June, 2011

Amend guidelines for declaring assets by central ministers: BJP to PM


The BJP today demanded the Prime Minister to amend the guidelines for declaration of assets by the central ministers and ask them also to declare properties of their married and unmarried family members, and other close relatives.

Under the present guidelines, the ministers have been asked to declare the assets of only those family members who are "wholly dependent upon the minister", which excludes their married sons and daughters, brothers, cousins and other close relatives, which is not in line with the basic purpose of declaring assets, Satya Pal Jain, all India in charge of the Legal and Legislative Cell of the BJP, told reporters.

He said if the guidelines are not suitably amended, the ministers can go scot free.

Jain said the Prime Minister should ask all the central ministers to declare the details of all properties purchased or sold by them, their sons, daughters and other close relatives.

Jain said it has been noticed that during the last few years most of the ministers have made wealth including immovable properties in the names of their married sons, daughters, cousins and other close relatives.

He said that some of the ministers got their sons and other close relatives appointed in various government and semi-government institutions as well as in various prominent big companies, having direct link with these ministers, as "Advisors" or "Retainees", and thus got huge amounts from there.