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09 July, 2009

Satpal Jain for national consensus on appointment of CPS and PS.

Shimla Thursday, Jul 9 2009
Himachal Pradesh State BJP in-charge, Satpal Jain today demanded national consensus on the appointment of Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Parliamentary Secretary in state governments across the country.
Answering queries of reporters about the induction of CPSs in the state government Mr Jain clarified that a number of states including Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Jharkhand have CPSs and PSs in their governments.
He said there should be a national consensus on the issue and a National Act should replace the individual state laws.
Mr Jain said he had joined this issue to argue it in the Himachal Pradesh High Court as a lawyer, and pleaded against the appointment of the CPSs and PSs by the former Congress government in a PIL filed by convener of Citizen Rights Protection Forum, Desh Bandhu Sood.
He argued the PIL was not filed by the party and the BJP had no role in that case in the court. He said the High Court had quashed the appointments on the ground that there was no legal provision in the law to appoint the CPSs and PSs in the state at that time.
He said that now, the BJP government had appointed three CPSs as there was a legal provision of HP Parliamentary Secretaries (Emoluments, Allowances and Appointment) Act 2006, which was passed by Vidhan Sabha after disqualification of the CPSs and PSs during the Congress regime.
He said the legal provision is enough to accommodate the CPSs and PSs in the government. ...