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10 August, 2008

GHRC - Seminar on "Drug Abuse"

Public Message by Mr. Arvind Thakur on Drug Abuse
Ex MP Mr. Satyapal Jain addressing the seminar on "Drug Abuse" [Image Courtesy: AtGHRC.org]
Being Chairperson of Global Human Rights Council I thank all the persons who supported me in the mission namely "Combat Narcotics" the Global Human Rights Council started this operation in April 2007 and got the marvelous success in this mission. This mission is against the narcotics and drugs mafias and due to the help to the police and the agencies which control drugs paddling number of culprits are behind the bars. ...
   ... I also specifically wish to thank Hon'ble Justice Mr. R. S. Mongia, Shri Satya Pal Jain and other guests who attend this seminar and always blessed and supported me in this war against narcotics and drugs mafias. ...