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20 November, 2010

PM Involved in Conspiracy of Silence Over 2G: BJP

New Delhi, Nov 20, 2010: Stepping up its attack, BJP today accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of being involved in a "conspiracy of silence" over alleged corruption in the 2G spectrum allocation and demanded answers from him on how he permitted the "loot" to take place "right under his nose".
... In Shimla, BJP Legal Cell convenor Satya Pal Jain said the protest in Parliament would continue till the party demand for a JPC probe was accepted.
The BJP had rejected the suggestion for a probe by the Public Accounts Committee, he told reporters.
Jain said the Prime Minister must publicly respond to observations made by the Supreme Court.
The BJP would also not accept a CBI probe into the 2G spectrum allocation as the premier investigating agency had become a "puppet in the hands of the UPA government", he said.
"The role of big corporate houses in the matter should also be probed," Jain said.