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07 November, 2010

Govt policies anti-poor: Jain

HT Chandigarh Live
CHANDIGARH: Satya Pal Jain, national in charge of Legal and Legislative Cell of the BJP and former MP from the city has accused the present rulers of the country of ignoring the common man, the poor working class and the labourers while framing their pro-rich policies.
This is resulting into the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming more poorer.
Jain was addressing a rally at Labour Chowk, Sector 45, Chandigarh, on Saturday.
The Construction Workers Labour Union (Regd) had organised the rally as part of Bhagwan Vishawakarma Puja celebration on Saturday. Thousands of labourers and workers from various parts of the city took part in the rally.
Jain also performed a puja and honoured workers' leaders by offering crackers to them.
Jain said those who got votes in the last Lok Sabha elections in name of improving the lot of a common man, are nowhere to be seen today, when the common man is suffering the most because of immense price rise, the threat of demolition to their houses, deteriorating law and order situation, rising unemployment and retrenchment of jobs etc, according to a statement released here on Saturday.
Jain said during his short span of three years in the Lok Sabha, he got labour sheds constructed at Labour Chowk and assured the workers that if he gets elected again, he would get a Mazdoor Bhawan built in Chandigarh which to be used by the poor at reasonable rate.
Ram Lal and Anil Dubey, BJP councillors Avadh Raj, Union president Murli, chairman, BJP leaders Bhim Sain Aggarwal, Leela Dhar Swamy, Narinder Pandey, Pappu Shukla, Gujral and R.K. Mishra were present. ...