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03 September, 2010

Himachal High Court dismisses Virbhadra’s plea, paves way for prosecuting him

My Himachal
Shimla: The Himachal High court today dismissed union steel minister Virbhadra Singh plea in a contentious audio CD case paving the way for the state to file the challan in a case registered by the State Vigilance and Anti-corruption Bureau.
Speaking outside the court, Satyapal Jain, the governments lawyer stated, “the court has dismissed the application filed by Virbhadra Singh and his wife Pratibha Singh which had sought to quash registration of an FIR in a case registered by HP police and had asked for a CBI in the matter.”
“We let the court know that the police investigation in the case was complete and there was no malafide in the matter as the police officer who had registered the case, was later taken up by Virbhadra Singh as private secretary in his capacity as a minister in the union cabinet,” said Jain.
“By dismissing the application, the court agreed with our contention of letting matter be decided by the trail court as the police have completed all investigations,” he added.
... Jain said that only after reading the judgment, would the government consider whether it could file the charge sheet in the court before the 15 days reprieve granted as the main plea has been dismissed in totality.
... The court after earlier having dismissed the plea of including Dhumal and Minhas in the case in July, today rejected the matter of handing over the investigation to a central agency or of quashing the FIR.