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04 August, 2010

'BJP to rope in servies of retired judges'

Chandigarh Newsline
Chandigarh: Senior BJP leader Satya Pal Jain who has recently made in-charge of the National Legal and Legislative Cell of the party called for an increase in the strength of judges in all courts of the country.
Jain said there are around 2.5 crore cases pending in different courts and these can be sorted out only if the strength of judges be increased.
Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Jain said the party would extend support to the proposed Bill for increasing the retirement age of judges from 62 to 65 years.
... The BJP will constitute a legal cell in every court of the country to involve the legal fraternity and retired judges in activities of the party.
Jain also expressed dismay at the deteriorating law and order condition in the city. Taking the recent murder of a student in Sector 38 as an example, he said the police have not been able to identify the accused yet.
“Instead of identifying the culprit, police officials are indulging in character assassination of the girl. Incidents of chain snatching and theft are on the rise. Residents are scared of venturing out at night. It seems the city has no caretaker. Ministers from the Centre had made numerous promises during the elections. All these seem to have been forgotten,” he added. ...