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27 February, 2010

Budget evokes mixed response from city

Chandigarh Newsline
Chandigarh: The Budget 2010-11 has generated a mixed response from Chandigarh residents. ...
Retired defence personnel, meanwhile, were of the view that just a four per cent increase in defence expenditure would not be commensurate with the growing inflation. ...
According to senior citizens’ associations run across the country by Helpage India, it has been found that 82.5 per cent of the elderly have been affected adversely by the rise in prices over the last year and 92.4 per cent feel that the government has done nothing in this regard.
The lower and middle income groups have been hit the hardest. While 71.6 per cent senior citizens have cut down on their health expenditure, 40.8 per cent have curtailed the expense on their diets. Nearly 27.8 per cent people have witnessed tension/anxiety levels rise in their families, due to which their relationships have been strained. ..
From the political gallery
Satya Pal Jain, BJP
The budget is a betrayal of faith by the Congress government in whom the people had reposed their trust just a few months ago. The common man who was already under stress due to tremendous increase in prices has been pushed to the wall. Essential commodities have become out of reach of the common man.