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13 May, 2009

Not much support in site

CHANDIGARH: They tried to click with voters through their websites, but could find little reciprocation. Political parties, however, claim that
their portals were quite useful in this year’s campaign.
But a visit to the websites shows that most of the articles have received no comments in the section meant for that.
Also, a number of links on these sites had been broken or been in the process of creation for the past one month and had not been updated till the eve of election on Tuesday.
Congress nominee Pawan Kumar Bansal’s website by the name of www.pawankumarbansalforchd.com focuses on issues of the young generation.
Talking about it, Congress spokesman and former city mayor Pardeep Chabra said, “Chandigarh is an educational hub and thousands of young voters are added to the voters list here. There couldn’t have been a better medium to communicate with them.”
Panjab University student Chetna said, “I do not believe in such websites and blogs. Most of the visitors’ comments they have are from members of their own parties.”
Talking about the positive side of the portals, BCom student from PU Priya Jaiswaal said, “These websites are useful as they give accurate information about candidates and we get a chance to communicate directly with them.”
Chhabra said, “We received scores of responses and answered most of the queries.”
Bharatiya Janata Party candidate and former MP Satya Pal Jain is another backer of these websites. He said, “Compared to last year, we have much higher awareness of the problems that youths are facing and it is all because of these portals. We have also sent SMSes to 65,000 people asking them to vote for me. Our website www.satyapaljain.com has received good response from the youths.”
The website contains write-ups like “The young and the restless — Chandigarh as an education hub” and “Chandigarh metro rail”, which target youths in the city.
Bahujan Samaj Party candidate’s website www.harmohandhawan.com has been a bit of a laggard in the campaign.
Party councillor Jatinder Bhatia stated, “We didn’t get much time to look after the portal. We concentrated on outdoor campaigning.”