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11 May, 2009

Issues on the voters’ list: Jobs, houses

Chandigarh What are most important issues bothering the electorate this year? Affordable housing, employment opportunities for the youth, traffic management and the need for long-term planning.
These concerns have found a voice in the promises of political parties as well.
Congress candidate Pawan Kumar Bansal stresses on development of financial services. “I am not in favour of heavy industries being set up in the city. Rather, Chandigarh should be a corporate hub. The banking sector can be made stronger and with the development of the IT Park, employment opportunities are bound to increase in the city,” he says.
Traffic problems seem to clog the mind of BJP candidate Satya Pal Jain. “The city was designed for around 5 lakh people but now has a population of over 10 lakh. In order to manage the chaos in the city, it is imperative to establish the Metro. Multi-storeyed parking lots and flyovers are the need of the hour,” he says.
Additional floors over residential and commercial buildings is another sop on offer. Some perennial problems, including the extension of the Lal Dora, introduction of a balanced Rent Act, ownership rights to power of attorney holders in all categories, ownership rights for Type 13 houses and rehabilitation of slumdwellers, also find a place in the election manifestos every election.