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06 December, 2010

`Parliament proceedings will be stalled until JPC is agreed to'

Chandigarh Newsline
Chandigarh, December 5: NATIONAL Incharge Legal and Legislative Cell of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Satya Pal Jain, today said the Congress-led UPA government would fall soon due to the numerous scams that have surfaced in the recent past.
Jain added that the whole opposition was united on the issue of the 2G scam and the Parliament would continue to be stalled till their demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee was agreed to.
On Saturday, Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Water Resources Pawan Kumar Bansal had stated that the JPC was not an investigating agency and there were other government agencies for the purpose. He had further said that the BJP was demanding JPC only as a political weapon.
Reacting to these statements, Jain while addressing a press conference said that what Bansal said was unfortunate and he was trying to mislead the people. “The Government of India instead of taking action against the guilty is trying to wriggle out of the situation. The government wants to save the culprits.
Why has an FIR not been registered in the matter? Raja should have been arrested and interrogated,” said Jain.
... Jain says, “The Prime Minister’s silence on the issue is unfortunate. If the PM knew of the scandal, it makes him a part of criminal conspiracy. If he did not know that such a scandal was happening then it is his weakness.” “The time for discussions is over. We want action. We do not want that after discussion for few days the Rs 1.76 lakh crore scam goes into cold storage. In case the Parliament is adjourned sine die then the party would take the issue to the streets,” said Jain.
... Jain said that while Bansal is claiming that even though four JPCs have been formed earlier these have yielded no result, it does not mean that no JPC should ever be formed. He added that in the scam involving Harshad Mehta after the JPC many bank reforms were brought in.
Senior BJP leader Harmohan Dhawan said that the government is trying to save the corrupt and the traitors. ...