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30 April, 2009

Bansal, Jain blog for youth support

Times of India
30 Apr 2009, CHANDIGARH: With few days left for polling, those in the fray are using blogs, e-mails and SMSes to reach out to voters, especially the youth।Candidates are trekking the online path to reach out to people who are unlikely to attend rallies or other public meetings.
Blogs have emerged as a strong platform for candidates to express their opinion on current issues, enabling a candidate to tap the youth, especially, college and university students who are preoccupied with exams at this time.
Congress candidate Pawan Bansal and BJP candidate Satya Pal Jain have used their blogs effectively to grab the attention of young voters. They stick to topics that generate a debate among readers and show that they are on the same wavelength.
... BJP's Jain has used his blog to focus on more immediate issues affecting the life of city residents ? multi-level parking, electricity problem, Chandigarh as an educational hub, Metro rail, provision of additional floors in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, 3.5% share of Chandigarh in BBMB project and traffic and housing problem in the city. ...
...Jain who had used his website in the last election, said blog is a good medium to communicate with voters as the main thrust of candidates is to communicate and interact with voter. Moreover, the voters provide valuable suggestions and good feedback.