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16 September, 2008

Little security in place, is Chandigarh the next target?

Indian Express
Chandigarh, September 15 As the nation is on a virtual alert post the recent serial blasts in Delhi, authorities in Chandigarh are doing little to suggest of any pre-emptive measures. The railway station, bus stands and airport in the city look as penetrable as ever with little sense of security. ...
BJP seeks more security
The Chandigarh unit of BJP has urged the Union Home Ministry to take immediate steps for ensuring safety and security of residents in view of the Terror threats and serial blasts. In a statement issued on Monday, president of the Chandigarh unit Kamla Sharma and former MP Satya Pal Jain stressed that despite numerous warnings of terror attacks in Delhi, the Centre did not take adequate steps in time.
     "The Government should not repeat the mistake and act in time to prevent such mishaps in future," she said. The leaders added that crime in the city is escalating. There has been an increase in the number of thefts, snatchings and murder cases. A delegation of BJP will meet the UT Administrator on Tuesday and submit a memorandum listing their concerns.