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06 December, 2006

Vote Cong and ensure price rise: Satya Pal

Times of Chandigarh
CHANDIGARH: Holding the Congress responsible for price rise, ex-MP and national convener of the legal cell of BJP, Satya Pal Jain has said that even a single vote going to Congress will further augment the price rise and normal life of common man will become more miserable.
People who voted for Congress party in 2004 has facilitated increase in prices of flour from Rs 8 per kg to Rs 15 per kg and rise in prices of pulses to Rs 60 per kg, he said.
"If the people again vote for Congress, flour prices will be increased from Rs 15 to Rs 25 per kg and that of pulses from Rs 60 to Rs 100 per kg in the next two-and-a-half years, he said. Congress has adopted anti-people and anti-poor policies during the last over two years and it deserves a crushing defeat so that it does not come to power again," he added. ...