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24 June, 2006

Rajnath asks BJP Legal Cells to expose the failures of UPA government

NEW DELHI | June 24: BJP President Rajnath Singh today asked the party's Legal Cell to make people of the country aware of the efforts of the UPA government to undermine and degrade the Counstitutional and Statutory institutions. ...
   ... BJP Legal Cell Convenor Satyapal Jain in his address said there were over 2.7 crore pending cases in various courts of the country and the government had not taken steps to appoint judges to clear the long list of pending cases in the country.
   The Legal Cell would form its units right upto Tehsil levels by August 2006 and offer free legal advice to the poor and find out ways for settlement of disputes at the initial stages itself. These units would prove to be the vehicles for spreading the message to the people on several current topics. ...