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24 February, 2005

Ayodhya: Application to summon Vajpayee opposed

Indiainfo.com News
New Delhi: Hours after an application was moved before the Liberhan Commission today (Feb 24, 2005) to summon former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for his alleged involvement in the conspiracy to demolish the disputed structure at Ayodhya in 1992, counsel for senior BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) leader L K Advani opposed it by terming it as politicially motivated. ...
... Immediately filing reply to the application, counsel for Advani and senior BJP leaders M M Joshi and Uma Bharati sought its dismisssal terming it as "misconceived" and "politically" motivated.
"The allegations levelled by Bhure in this application against Vajpayee are absolutely false, baseless and highly vague. They are all denied in to-to.
"The alleged CD was already before this Commission and no such conclusion of any involvement of Vajpayee either could be drawn or can be drawn, as being done by Bhure from the content of the CD," advocate Satya Pal Jain said in the reply. ...