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20 November, 2010

Nothing less than JPC probe in 2G spectrum scam: Satya Pal Jain

Shimla: Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) would settle for nothing less than a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe in to matter of alleged 2G spectrum scam in the central government. A fair inquiry should be conducted in to this whole episode and politicians and representatives corporate houses involved in this scam should be put behind the bars. Terming the union government a government of scams and scandals, National Convener of BJP Legal Cell, Satya Pal Jain while addressing a press conference in Shimla on Saturday said that Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson, Sonia Gandhi should clarify the government’s and Congress party’s stand in this matter. He said that BJP would not allow any functioning in the parliament until the central government assures a JPC probe of scam and will continue the protest.
“It is for the first time in India that Supreme Court had asked the Prime Minister to clear his stand in any matter. The Supreme Court has asked a written statement by the Prime Minister in this regard,” he said. He also said, “The present scam has justified the charges of BJP leader LK Advani terming Manmohan Singh a weak Prime Minister as PM has not been able to take any clear stand in this regard”. BJP has demanded to make amendments in the anti defection law stating that anybody found guilty under this law should not be allowed to contest any election for six years and the law should be made applicable in all the bodies where elections are contested on party symbols.