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07 November, 2010

BJP legal cell chief slams rulers’‘pro-rich’ policies

Chandigarh Newsline
Nov 07 2010,Chandigarh: Satya Pal Jain, National In-Charge of the Legal and Legislative Cell of the BJP, today accused the present rulers of the country of completely ignoring the common man, the working class and the labourers, while framing pro-rich policies. He alleged that this divide between the rich and poor was increasing.
Jain addressed a rally of workers and labourers at Labour Chowk in Sector 45, Chandigarh, organised by the Construction Workers’ Labour Union on the occasion of Vishwa Karma Puja. Labourers and workers from different parts of the city participated in the rally.
He said that the common man was suffering the most because of the immense price rise, the threat of demolition of their houses, the deteriorating law and order situation, rising unemployment and high scale retrenchment.
Jain performed the prayers and honoured several labour leaders. Among those present on the occasion were BJP councilors Ram Lal and Anil Dubey.