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23 January, 2010

CDs handiwork of congress to hinder investigations against Virbhadra – Himachal BJP Incharge

Shimla: Boxed in over the murky affairs of 3 CDs having surfaced recently, BJP today hit back terming it as a handiwork of congress party with the objective to hinder investigations into corruption issues that have been forth by the probe into another CD involving union minister Virbhadra Singh.
Speaking to the media, Satyapal Jain – BJP incharge for Himachal held, “the CDs have been released in order to divert public attention from the finality a probe into an audio CD involving union minister and former chief minister Virbhadra has come to.”
Every effort has been made to stall investigations into the Virbhadra tapes, he said counting, ‘firstly, no investigation was launched by the earlier congress government headed by him, despite a case being registered.
Second, after becoming union minister Virbhadra Singh picked up the investigating officer as his private secretary and thirdly the DGP vigilance, under whose direction the probe is being conducted, was threatened with a defamation case, said Jain.
The CDs were couriered to select people, which involved a sitting judge of the High Court who is hearing the audio CD case of Virbhadra Singh, clearly points that efforts were made to stall the case, he added. ...
...Terming the two audio compact discs released recently as “tutored, doctored” he said that “the party was open to a CBI probe into the matter”, and added, “The state government has immediately ordered a CID probe and the people behind the release of the CDs and its creditability would soon be exposed.”
Jain said that after hearing the contents of the CDs patiently, its is obvious that there is no conversation taking place but words spoken by the chief minister at different occasions had been put together to create a fabricated, tutored and doctored audio CD. ...