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04 April, 2005

Dream for poor has few takers, many surprises

Chandigarh Newsline
Chandigarh, April 3: THE plan to raise a township for over 80,000 slum-dwellers has taken even top UT officials by surprise besides inviting criticism from various quarters.
   According to sources, even the UT Advisory Council did not have knowledge of the final plan. The officials said the original plan submitted by the sub-groups of the Council envisaged just shifting slum-dwellers to different areas in the periphery and there was no plan for township and houses. ...
... Former MP Satya Pal Jain also expressed doubts over the viability of the plan. Jain said that the idea was fine but the implementation would be a problem. He added Administrator Gen S.F. Rodrigues (retd) should have consulted the BJP as well as town planning experts. Jain said even the finances had not been worked out. ...