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02 May, 2009

BJP ensured benefits of reservation to weakest of the weak

The India Post
Chandigarh May 01, 2009: Mr Chaman Lal Valmiki, Minster of state for fisheries in Uttarakhand today said the social, economical and political interests of the Valmiki community are safe only in the hands of BJP. He was in town to campaign for Mr Satya Pal Jain, BJP candidate for Chandigarh Lok Sabha constituency.
Addressing media persons in Chandigarh Press Club, Mr Valmiki accused Congress party of deliberately ignoring the problems of the dalit community and said it has always schemed to get their votes. He said Congress never wanted that dalit communities should advance in social, economical and political spheres. That is the reason why even after 60 years of Congress rule in various parts of the country the condition of dalits is pitiable and they are compelled to resort to dharna etc before the parliament. They sat in dharna before the Congress bhawan at Chandigarh for eight months. He accused UPA chairperson Mrs Sonia Gandhi of ignoring dalit interests.
Mr Sanjeev Gharu, acting president of Chandigarh valmiki sabha, put Congress party in the dock for not solving the problem related to issue of Scheduled caste certificate in Chandigarh. He said senior BJP leader Mrs Sushma Swaraj wrote to the then Union Home minister a number of times about this problem, but due to the dirty politics of the Congress party the matter is still pending and Mr Bansal, the local MP and minister has nothing to say on this.
Mr Valmiki and Mr Gharu explained how BJP is the only party which has given three seats to valmikis in Municipal Corporation elections in Chandigarh, while Congress gave just one. During the 1996-2001 term of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation when valmikis had just three councillors in MCC it was BJP that put a valmiki Mr Kewal Krishan Adiwal in the mayor?s chair. This shows the difference in attitudes of BJP and Congress.
They said if we look at the political map of India we shall notice that it BJP alone that has distributed Lok Sabha seats proportionately among dalits. BJP believes that benefits of reservation must reach the weakest of the weak these should not be enjoyed by creamy layer alone. BJP ensured this during the Rajnath Singh regime in UP but as soon as Mayawati government came to power this policy was undone. Both the Congress and the BSP work against interests of the weakest of the weak. This has been proved by the scandal in recruitments of sanitation workers.
Both leaders implored the ati-dalits to vote for BJP in an open and manner. Mr Rajesh Kalia of the Valmiki Shobha Yatra Committee thanked the Uttarakhand minister for coming to Chandigarh to campaign for Mr Satya Pal Jain.