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19 March, 2009

BJP to approach EC against Pawan Bansal

The Tribune
New Delhi, March 19
The BJP is filing a formal complaint with the Election Commission against AICC minority cell chairman Imranur Rehman Kidwai “for making inflammatory religious statements while seeking votes for the Congress in Chandigarh.”
The complaint also mentions name of the Congress candidate from Chandigarh and Union minister Pawan Kumar Bansal. Also mentioned is the name of senior Congress leader Mohsina Kidwai. Both seemed to have endorsed Imranur Kidwai’s statement because they were present there and did not object to it, said BJP Chandigarh parliamentary candidate Satya Pal Jain and party’s prabhari for Punjab and Chandigarh Balbir Punj.
They played a CD of the meeting here today and alleged that in the meeting Kidwai had “regretted not being a Mufti which would have enabled him to issue just one fatwa to Muslims not to go with the BJP as it would amount to committing kufr.”
Punj also alleged that Kidwai had claimed in his speech that “had the Muslim community not been with the Congress, India would not have attained independence.”
They further added that Kidwai also assured the Muslims that their personal law was their shariat and they would not allow any change in it since shariat is like imaan.”
“Thus, according to Kidwai, those seeking reforms in Muslim personal law are guilty of attacking the imaan of the Muslim community,” Punj alleged.