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21 February, 2009

BJP slams plan to adopt Delhi finance panel norms in UT

The Times of India
CHANDIGARH: Former member of Parliament and senior BJP leader, Satya Pal Jain, on Friday strongly criticized the proposal of Congress to implement recommendations of Delhi Finance Commission in UT. ...
Alleging that the Congress-backed UT administration and municipal corporation were planning to levy many new taxes on city residents, he said this is a typical Congress behaviour to promote anti-people policies. Recommendations of the Delhi Finance Commission include levying new taxes and hiking existing ones, making it almost an annual norm. If implemented, average Chandigarh residents will have to pay more than half his annual income as taxes, he observed.
Jain said it is highly deplorable that small traders will have to pay income tax and property tax on his shop and his house as also service tax, inflated water and electricity bills, high parking charges and many other new taxes. The common man will lose his shirt, paying for additional infrastructure, construction of flyovers, repair of roads, city development funds and many other expenses, he said.
In the current scenario, the average man is apprehensive of losing his job due to recession, fighting high costs and inflation and looking to the government to provide some relief. On the contrary, the Congress regime is planning to add more tax burden to the already out-of-control home budgets and push the suffering population to desperate limits....