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07 April, 2007

Jaitley predicts mid-term poll


Chandigarh, April 6
Claiming that the BJP was at the centrestage of Indian politics, BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley today predicted a mid-term poll, saying the Congress was a "sinking ship" as it had lost a number of assembly elections recently.
... Answering a question on the appointment of parliamentary secretaries in Punjab when senior BJP leader Satya Pal Jain had fought a case against their appointments, Jaitley said the constitutional provisions would be taken care of in this regard.
Need to introspect, says Jaitley
The BJP has redefined the concept of secularism which is considered to be majority-bashing and minority-appeasement, BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley said here today.
... "There was a need to introspect to review the party's policies and programmes to keep pace with the changing times," he added. ...
... Former member of parliament Satya Pal Jain claimed that merit alone was the criterion for leadership in the BJP, as opposed to other parties, which banked upon family and caste considerations. ...