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07 December, 2006

Sidhu to appeal

"On a dark night, stars shine brightest"
The Hindu
Chandigarh: The prosecution in the trial of former cricketer and politician Navjot Singh Sidhu and his associate Rupinder Singh Sandhu in a 1988 road rage case had sought exemplary punishment for the duo.
   The defence counsel, citing previous precedents, sought leniency appealing to the court for a fine and probation. The defence argued that the event occurred in the spur of the moment and Mr. Sidhu had no intention to cause a fatal injury.
As soon as Mr. Sidhu, flanked by the former Union Minister, Arun Jaitley and the former MP, Satya Pal Jain, emerged from the court, a crowd of supporters raised slogans in favour of Mr. Sidhu and against the Punjab Government.
...Talking to reporters, Mr. Jaitley, who heads the BJP's legal cell, said that after completing the various formalities with the High Court, Mr. Sidhu would move the Supreme Court as early as possible. He said the review petition would challenge the High Court's procedure of judgment, while its implications would emerge after the Supreme Court applied its mind. "Mr. Sidhu enjoys a high status in the party and would continue to do so," he said....