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07 December, 2006

"Guru Phir Ho Ja Shuru", Sidhu's supporters backed him up

Wednesday, 06 December 2006 CHANDIGARH: "Guru Phir Ho Ja Shuru" was the welcome slogan of supporters of Navjot Singh Sidhu who emerged out of Punjab and Haryana Hiogh Court Wednesday after hearing the sentence awarded to him in a homicide case.
   The large number of supporters of Sidhu were present outside the court complex with banners of "Navjot Sidhu Zindabad" and even raised slogans until police intervened and requested not to raise slogans. Satya Pal Jain BJP MP from Chandigarh had also requested BJKP workers to keep calm in the court complex.
...Many of Sidhu's supporters vent their ire against the state government for taking undue interest in Sidhu case. Jasbir Kaur president of Punjab Mahila wing of BJP said that Congress government had filed an appeal against Sidhu and then requested for early hearing due to political reasons. She said that they would stand behind Sidhu like a rock.