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07 April, 2006

BJP accuses Centre of discrimination towards Chandigarh

NewKerela.com Online- Kerela, India
CHANDIGARH: The BJP today accused the Centre of showing discriminatory attitude towards the people of Chandigarh on power and water fronts.
"Recently the Punjab government refused to release the share of water from Kajauli water works to Chandigarh but the Centre remained a mute spectator on the issue," BJP national executive committee member Satya Pal Jain told reporters here.
Under an agreement between the union territory of Chandigarh and Punjab government, the state was supposed to release additional 20 mgd water to Chandigarh, he said adding that Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh categorically refused to follow the agreement signed about 30 years ago.
Jain, a former MP from the city, also alleged that Chandigarh was not getting its share of power from the Bakhra Beas management board (BBMB).
"Since the last December, the additional power supply of 70 mw to the city by the BBMB has also been withdrawn," he said.