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01 November, 2005

BJP Tributes to Maharishi Valmiki

BJP Today (Nov 1-15, 2005)
The SC Morcha of BJP, Chandigarh observed the Maharishi Valmikli Jayanti at Chandigarh. Several leaders participated and spoke on the life of the seer.
Former MP Satya Pal Jain said," The message of Maharishi Valmiki is not confined to any particular religion, place or section of the people, but it is for the entire mankind. Thus, the sacred name and message of Valmiki towards humanity shall remain till eternity."
BJP SC Morcha President Sachin Lohatiya said that it was a matter of great regret that even after a long span of 55 years of independence, the Congress and its allies were looking at Dalits as 'vote bank' but have done nothing for them.
While addressing the huge gathering he further said , " All the facilities and benefits, which were to be given to the Dalits, were being enjoyed by these parties for their own benefit, as a result of which the Dalits were forced to live a poor and miserable life."
Others present on the occassion were BJP President Yash Pal Jain, Vice President Purshotam Mahajan, general secretaries Bal Krishan Kapoor and Kewal Krishan Addiwal and BJP Councillor Kamala Sharma. They all paid floral tributes to Maharishi Valmiki along with a large number of workers.